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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fruitful Friday :)

My procurements of the day :)

Try to guess what is this, a mysterious prize will be given ;p

Final stop - Starbucks

Sweet nail polishes for my sweet babies :)

Movie time ( Thor )

Strawberry smoothies

Baskin Robbin ice-cream cakes. Am drooling again .. Slurrrrp :p~

My injured foot, plasters everywhere. That's why I hate ballerinas :(

Twin brothers, I dunno the owner of NCA tho :p

Camwhoring, again !!! With my drowsy face :/

Thanks for everything my dear <3

Chess, anyone ?

My dear Daniel with his favorite pose

Leyley is walking down the aisle

Awana Kijal

Sunrise signifies an arrival of brand new day

Breaking dawn

The breakfast :)

Have your weekends fully occupied, otherwise they will be wasted since life is only once. Am kinda extrovert girl and nothing could allow me to stick in the home especially for the weekend. Me and my dear Daniel went Kuantan yesterday in order to fulfill our weekend and the day trip was intriguing. Around 5 in the early morning, dear Daniel came to me. Both of us went to McDonald for our breakfast. Fillet-O-Fish was so juicy, and I can feel the fresh fish fillet melting in my mouth, yummy, whereas dear Daniel was having his hot cakes. ( 2 pieces of hot cakes unable to keep his stomach gorged ) We proceed our journey right after we left McD. There was a drizzle in the early morning and we were afraid if it will be a downpour that may hinder our journey. With so much anticipations, thank god the rain finally stopped, and there goes a breaking dawn. Hence, we were able to glance for the sunrise. The peach and yellowish ( no idea for the color indicative ) sun popped up from the horizon, waves hit slowly upon the shore, coconut and palm trees swaying just like they are accosting each other, birds chirping like they are chanting for the mother nature. Aww.. I miss the beach and am sure I will go back again !!! On the halfway, we dropped by Awana Kijal to have some refreshments. The landscape and architecture of Awana are appealing thus loadsa tourists went there for vacation, credits to belated Mr.Lim Goh Thong. We proceed our journey subsequently. God damn there was a traffic congestion again, I literally hate that urghhh !!! After a butt pain and giddy torment , we arrived Kuantan and East Coast Mall was our first station to check in ( too much foursquare, am I ? ) Baskin Robbin - Our luscious ice-cream cake treat. We were so indulged in the sweet treats, I know it's fattening tho. Who cares ? Paint your life ! Omg, I saw MLTR posters and flyers attached on the lamp poles. Too bad we were too late, we even didn't manage to get the concert tickets tho. I MISSED IT !!! What to do ? I anticipate for their next concert then - tend to comfort myself in this way. Forget the concert. We went to GSC concession counter to get tickets. Thor in 3D - our foremost choice. The movie started on 2.30pm, while we still managed to do our shopping spree in the mall. We went Padini to grab some garments, it's up to 50% sales ! I bought 2 formal blouse, a miniskirt, tank top, and a tee. Actually my main purpose was to get one Roxy bikini and eventually I got one - Stock Twist Bandeau. Damn am so fond of my new bikini, can't wait to put it on in this summer time !!! Did some shopping sprees in Parkson, shopped for some girls accessories for me and my babies and it's time for Thor. Thor is incredibly awesome !!! If you are fond of epic tales, watch it and you won't be regret of it. Am not going to narrate the story this time, since I want you guys to watch it !!! :D After movie, chilled ourselves with chocolaty chip frappuccino. Life is gratifying with delectable drinks - so true !!! It's around 5 and it's time to go home. Aww, how reluctant to leave ECM ( East Coast Mall ) we were. Nevertheless, the day was simply awesome and the time and money we spent were contented. Even my muscle joints are cramped now but I think it's worth enough. Okay, am going to dine with my dear Daniel, off to get myself showered ... Stay tuned :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Self-modified purikura

Fond of purikura but unnecessary to find a photo sticker kiosk ? If you are Apple device user, good news for you. :) Get this app : MARRON. It is an incredibly cute app with loadsa purikura functions. Am so in love with attaching some blings and adorable frame to embellish my photos recently. It is so fun indeed ! Btw, am attached to camwhore latterly - too boring maybe ? :-/ I can't endure with the idle time anymore ! Gah !!! I've been living like a walking corpse. Krakkkk krakkk krakkk, here i crawl... Am spooky huh ? :( Hold on, I can feel the blithe and enjoyable campus life again subsequent to my class starts on next Tuesday ! Zombie no more, Leyley alive. Yay !!! Viva UCSI !!! It's a quarter after one, am famish to die and I need you now - off to cook some instant noodles :) Good night peeps ...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Confidence booster

What is your favorite pastime ? Mine is blogging, camwhoring etc.. Yea, I admit that am a narcissistic girl. I believe every girl has the same trait with me too, right ? Most of girls have fascination with their appearance, status, accomplishments etc thus it's a key of beauty. Girls, your pretty is determined by yourself, not others. Don't be pessimistic and just forget the things they said. Try to think, what is their purpose of interfering your freedom ? What they wanna get from you? Nothing, right ? They are jealous of you, trust me. Girls, stand up, you deserve better. Ignore the bitches. Tho they consider you as their rivals, but you no need to return them the same favor. Just ignore their existence and prove to them that their actions are vain, you will always deserve better than them.. Be confident girls, Shirley loves you :)


Alizee Laisla Bonita

Credits to my beloved mum, she suggested this amazing song for me.
I keep repeating this song, reverberating in my mind tho... Aww, am in love with the singer! She's so sweet right ?
Enjoy peeps :)


Devoted my Friday to Mesra Mall

Girls, love yourself in order to be loved. Trust me :)

On the way to TMC ( Mesra Mall, Kemasik )

Starbucks: Vanilla latte, cream caramel, carrot cupcake, chocolate biscotti, chocolate roll.

Movie time :) RIO 3D

Leyley aka Shosho with her new doll - Doodlejump :)

The body Shop bronze shade powder, glittery eyeliner

It's typical tedious Friday again. Me and dear Daniel went for an excursion to Mesra Mall ( Tho there's not a right place for me to do my shopping spree ) First and foremost, we had some chills at Starbucks. Chocolate roll, carrot muffin, chocolate biscotti and a tall creamy caramel were the meal that finally tantalized my taste buds since I've lost appetite before that. How could I wish I manage to eat'em again tomorrow. But what to expect in Kuala Terengganu huh? :( Eh eh eh, I saw something !!! The thing that am so obsess with !! Guess what ? Doodlejump doll it is !! Without think twice, I bought one !! Only costs me Rm35. So cheap wey !!! Well, considering of both of us are movie freaks, we went to get some movie tickets. Yay !! Initially, we wanted to watch the movie of "Thor" but unfortunately the movie hasn't launch yet. Consequently, RIO 3D was our selection. The story narrates that a lost blue macaw ( Blu its name ) had been found and nurtured by a little girl named Linda. Years passed, Linda is no longer a little girl and she grown as pretty young lady. She's a bookshop owner too. One day, a vet approached Linda and told her that Blu is the last male ever in macaw species, and the vet ought to facilitate Blu to copulate with another female macaw ( Jewel ). However, Linda felt reluctant to let go of Blu. But for macaw sake, she needed to do so. I guess I'll set you guys a cliffhanger, watch it yourself ! :p The world is so small, I encountered with UCSIans again !! A bunch of Saudis were watching the same movie with me, moreover they were just sitting in my front roll. On the other hand, I spotted Amanda with her friends at Chamelon too! Ima big big girl, in a big big world ( in contrary indeed ) After movie, we went to The Body Shop. My intention was to buy some cosmetics. I bought a shade powder and a glittery eye liner. After done with cosmetic procurement, both of us were getting tired and hungry. Goodbye Mesra Mall. We went to CBWEE Restaurant for our dinner. The seafood out there was the food I craved the most !! Spicy lobster, buttery squid, hot plate Japanese bean curd, and fried rice. Slurrrp ~ I miss the delicacies am drooling now ! Gah, gluttonous Leyley will never stop thinking of food. After dinner, we headed back to Kuala Terengganu. I love the feeling sitting in the car and listening to some of my favorite musics. The feeling is just nice ! At around 9.10pm, we reached our destination. We went to The2Cafe for some drinks first before get going back. And that's the reason why am so bloated right now, I literally ate a lot, drank a lot today. Oh yea, I tried the shade powder and the result was awesome ! You know, I do have bulge and high cheekbones. After I shaded my cheek, the contours of my face became 3D and I love the effect !! P/s: Shade powder is an essential gadget in your makeup box. Since eyes are the doorway of our soul, I always love to embellish my eyes. I applied the glittery eye liner on my eyelids and waterlines. They are so shimmering every time I blink my eyes. Gotta blink more ( not flirt ) :p Okay peeps, I guess it's time to stop here. Update you guys asap :)


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Multi purpose magnetic beads

Aloha peeps, am gonna show you my multi purpose magnetic beads that bought from Beijing by my paternal aunt. I figured out it can be applicable in many ways ! Since the pearls are attached with magnets, it can be manipulated and adjustable. It can be necklace, bracelet, anklet, and headband simultaneously. Here I attach some pictures for your references. Fyi, I went for a traditional massage to relieve my weary body. What a relief ! Venue: Park Royal ground floor saloon, approach to Kak Ramlah. She is so proficient at massaging and the price is affordable. I burped a lot and flatuate (whoops!) after done with the massage, the toxic gases have been expelled and it can be considered as detoxification. Aww.. Started to miss the massage session.. Talk about detoxification, I would like to share some information with the smokers. Any smokers out there ? :p Well, have you tend to kick the bad habit but still it is ineffectual ? During the progression of quitting, you might have some runny nose. If the addiction comes over, don't worry, and don't attempt to fag one. According to my bestie, ( he is a chain smoker since 8 years ago ) the mucus that came out from our nose helps to get rid of the contaminated substances that may block our airways and restricted breathing. So forth do not attempt to fag one, deter the temptation in order to attain a healthy body. "Happy people don't smoke", quoted by Islomjoon Usmonov. Smoking causes miscarriage, lung cancer, impotency. Do concern about your future, your spouse, your children and your parents. Quit, before it's too late. I guess am having PMS right now, am suffering of stomachache. :( Good night peeps.

The multi usages of my magnetic beads, cool huh ? :)

Waiting for massage session at Park Royal .. :)

Home sweet home <3

Outing again, with Brandy and Guowei ... :)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My bare skin revealed

Make up doesn't imply that you are conceal your real visage, but to enhance your features. Why some girls have prejudice against make up ? Come on, do you think you are flawless ? Unless you went for cosmetic surgical or you have got perfect features like a model ( without make up ) Am gonna show you my nude skin without make up. Don't be astounded, I might frightened you up with my hideous skin. Who says girls with make up are hypocrites ? I tell you, you might offended loadsa girls and you literally drag yourself to hell. Don't judge people by your own opinion, every people have their rights to do whatever they want. It's never be your turn to condemn and criticize them. Okay, ugly truth unfold ... Am without my contact lenses, that's why my eyes looked so odd here. P/s: Neither Photoshop nor image editors for the pictures, it's completely genuine. Stay tuned :)


I insist to quit, no matter what it takes.

This is my first attempt and I think I should indicate it into my blog. I've been enlighten by my girl friend. What is the point of burning money in conjunction with devastating our own body ? Now am having a very tough time, am trembling without having one. But I insist to keep my pinky swear, so am chewing some chew gums instead. I know pain is temporary, while quitting is forever. Am I right ? There's still one in my bling box, I do have stimulus to fag one. Gah ! It's tough but I gonna pass it through, I tend to deter the stupid temptation.

Greetings from nose nose :p

My favorite narcissistic piece lately, since my flat nose can be spotted XD

It's 3.25 and I started to forty winks ( wink x 40 times ) Okay, time to bed ... Ciaoz peeps, good night .. Xoxo


Girls dayout

Good girls have piles of diaries while bad girls never have time to have one. This is so real, so Ima good girl huh? I love to preserve my memories thus I can reminisce them in my old ages. Initially, me and my girls planned to have a make up session for today but we ended up with spending our time for having trunch and dinner together. Why ? My mom was throwing a cocktail party with her friends today. Aww, I helped my mom to bake the egg-tarts in the morning, it was so easy and I've mastered the skill ! Took shower and dolled myself up, went to The2Cafe to meet my babe. Both of the pinkies each had a cup of drink, gabbled for couple of hours. Subsequently, we went to Batu Buruk Beach Resort to have another tea-talk session.. It's true, I can't deny that girls have tons of topics and gossips to share with. There comes our Japanese doll, Micky she is. 3 of the pinkies went to Chinatown to have dinner since all of us were crave for koloyok ( Pork cubes with tomato sauce ) We were so famished just like we had been starved for 3 days !!! The menu: Koloyok, sizzling pot bean curds, yaomak ( the crunchy vege ) and laohuanggua soup. Yummy !!! But, we couldn't manage to finish all of the delicacies since we were bloated !!! There were many leftovers tho. Burrrrrrp ~ It's time to have a walk to digest the food. We went for a walk at the Pulau Warisan. I told my girls that my grandparents would like to pace on the streets and what a coincidence !! We encountered with my grandparents !! Chinese proverb indicates: don't utter a person's name in the morning and don't mention about ghosts at night. ( Of cause la, my grandparents ain't ghosts !! I love'em !! ) But it's not so necessary to talk about people at night too, right ? Anyway, I love today, and I shall never forget the vows that made by me and my babe Lycia. Pinky swear does it all :)


A brand new substitution

Hello peeps out there, am no longer on the Sanrio blog. It's typical Leyley again - the muddle worm who always didn't remember her password. But I'll figure out the password asap since am so obsessed with the HelloKitty blog !!! Someone told me my blog was condensed. See !!! How slothful I am right ? But what to do, am typical passive blogger, am only used to blog when I have got the sudden impulse. Today, am gonna tell you guys that I made a pinky vow with my babe, we tend to kick the bad habit off thus attain a healthy life.. Pinky swear, that's compulsory for pinkies on earth. What's so important ? There's a secret between me and her :) Bye-bye bubu, Hello to the brand new healthy pinkies :)