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Monday, April 25, 2011

Self-modified purikura

Fond of purikura but unnecessary to find a photo sticker kiosk ? If you are Apple device user, good news for you. :) Get this app : MARRON. It is an incredibly cute app with loadsa purikura functions. Am so in love with attaching some blings and adorable frame to embellish my photos recently. It is so fun indeed ! Btw, am attached to camwhore latterly - too boring maybe ? :-/ I can't endure with the idle time anymore ! Gah !!! I've been living like a walking corpse. Krakkkk krakkk krakkk, here i crawl... Am spooky huh ? :( Hold on, I can feel the blithe and enjoyable campus life again subsequent to my class starts on next Tuesday ! Zombie no more, Leyley alive. Yay !!! Viva UCSI !!! It's a quarter after one, am famish to die and I need you now - off to cook some instant noodles :) Good night peeps ...

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