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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Multi purpose magnetic beads

Aloha peeps, am gonna show you my multi purpose magnetic beads that bought from Beijing by my paternal aunt. I figured out it can be applicable in many ways ! Since the pearls are attached with magnets, it can be manipulated and adjustable. It can be necklace, bracelet, anklet, and headband simultaneously. Here I attach some pictures for your references. Fyi, I went for a traditional massage to relieve my weary body. What a relief ! Venue: Park Royal ground floor saloon, approach to Kak Ramlah. She is so proficient at massaging and the price is affordable. I burped a lot and flatuate (whoops!) after done with the massage, the toxic gases have been expelled and it can be considered as detoxification. Aww.. Started to miss the massage session.. Talk about detoxification, I would like to share some information with the smokers. Any smokers out there ? :p Well, have you tend to kick the bad habit but still it is ineffectual ? During the progression of quitting, you might have some runny nose. If the addiction comes over, don't worry, and don't attempt to fag one. According to my bestie, ( he is a chain smoker since 8 years ago ) the mucus that came out from our nose helps to get rid of the contaminated substances that may block our airways and restricted breathing. So forth do not attempt to fag one, deter the temptation in order to attain a healthy body. "Happy people don't smoke", quoted by Islomjoon Usmonov. Smoking causes miscarriage, lung cancer, impotency. Do concern about your future, your spouse, your children and your parents. Quit, before it's too late. I guess am having PMS right now, am suffering of stomachache. :( Good night peeps.

The multi usages of my magnetic beads, cool huh ? :)

Waiting for massage session at Park Royal .. :)

Home sweet home <3

Outing again, with Brandy and Guowei ... :)


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