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Friday, April 22, 2011

Confidence booster

What is your favorite pastime ? Mine is blogging, camwhoring etc.. Yea, I admit that am a narcissistic girl. I believe every girl has the same trait with me too, right ? Most of girls have fascination with their appearance, status, accomplishments etc thus it's a key of beauty. Girls, your pretty is determined by yourself, not others. Don't be pessimistic and just forget the things they said. Try to think, what is their purpose of interfering your freedom ? What they wanna get from you? Nothing, right ? They are jealous of you, trust me. Girls, stand up, you deserve better. Ignore the bitches. Tho they consider you as their rivals, but you no need to return them the same favor. Just ignore their existence and prove to them that their actions are vain, you will always deserve better than them.. Be confident girls, Shirley loves you :)


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