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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fruitful Friday :)

My procurements of the day :)

Try to guess what is this, a mysterious prize will be given ;p

Final stop - Starbucks

Sweet nail polishes for my sweet babies :)

Movie time ( Thor )

Strawberry smoothies

Baskin Robbin ice-cream cakes. Am drooling again .. Slurrrrp :p~

My injured foot, plasters everywhere. That's why I hate ballerinas :(

Twin brothers, I dunno the owner of NCA tho :p

Camwhoring, again !!! With my drowsy face :/

Thanks for everything my dear <3

Chess, anyone ?

My dear Daniel with his favorite pose

Leyley is walking down the aisle

Awana Kijal

Sunrise signifies an arrival of brand new day

Breaking dawn

The breakfast :)

Have your weekends fully occupied, otherwise they will be wasted since life is only once. Am kinda extrovert girl and nothing could allow me to stick in the home especially for the weekend. Me and my dear Daniel went Kuantan yesterday in order to fulfill our weekend and the day trip was intriguing. Around 5 in the early morning, dear Daniel came to me. Both of us went to McDonald for our breakfast. Fillet-O-Fish was so juicy, and I can feel the fresh fish fillet melting in my mouth, yummy, whereas dear Daniel was having his hot cakes. ( 2 pieces of hot cakes unable to keep his stomach gorged ) We proceed our journey right after we left McD. There was a drizzle in the early morning and we were afraid if it will be a downpour that may hinder our journey. With so much anticipations, thank god the rain finally stopped, and there goes a breaking dawn. Hence, we were able to glance for the sunrise. The peach and yellowish ( no idea for the color indicative ) sun popped up from the horizon, waves hit slowly upon the shore, coconut and palm trees swaying just like they are accosting each other, birds chirping like they are chanting for the mother nature. Aww.. I miss the beach and am sure I will go back again !!! On the halfway, we dropped by Awana Kijal to have some refreshments. The landscape and architecture of Awana are appealing thus loadsa tourists went there for vacation, credits to belated Mr.Lim Goh Thong. We proceed our journey subsequently. God damn there was a traffic congestion again, I literally hate that urghhh !!! After a butt pain and giddy torment , we arrived Kuantan and East Coast Mall was our first station to check in ( too much foursquare, am I ? ) Baskin Robbin - Our luscious ice-cream cake treat. We were so indulged in the sweet treats, I know it's fattening tho. Who cares ? Paint your life ! Omg, I saw MLTR posters and flyers attached on the lamp poles. Too bad we were too late, we even didn't manage to get the concert tickets tho. I MISSED IT !!! What to do ? I anticipate for their next concert then - tend to comfort myself in this way. Forget the concert. We went to GSC concession counter to get tickets. Thor in 3D - our foremost choice. The movie started on 2.30pm, while we still managed to do our shopping spree in the mall. We went Padini to grab some garments, it's up to 50% sales ! I bought 2 formal blouse, a miniskirt, tank top, and a tee. Actually my main purpose was to get one Roxy bikini and eventually I got one - Stock Twist Bandeau. Damn am so fond of my new bikini, can't wait to put it on in this summer time !!! Did some shopping sprees in Parkson, shopped for some girls accessories for me and my babies and it's time for Thor. Thor is incredibly awesome !!! If you are fond of epic tales, watch it and you won't be regret of it. Am not going to narrate the story this time, since I want you guys to watch it !!! :D After movie, chilled ourselves with chocolaty chip frappuccino. Life is gratifying with delectable drinks - so true !!! It's around 5 and it's time to go home. Aww, how reluctant to leave ECM ( East Coast Mall ) we were. Nevertheless, the day was simply awesome and the time and money we spent were contented. Even my muscle joints are cramped now but I think it's worth enough. Okay, am going to dine with my dear Daniel, off to get myself showered ... Stay tuned :)

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