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Friday, April 22, 2011

Devoted my Friday to Mesra Mall

Girls, love yourself in order to be loved. Trust me :)

On the way to TMC ( Mesra Mall, Kemasik )

Starbucks: Vanilla latte, cream caramel, carrot cupcake, chocolate biscotti, chocolate roll.

Movie time :) RIO 3D

Leyley aka Shosho with her new doll - Doodlejump :)

The body Shop bronze shade powder, glittery eyeliner

It's typical tedious Friday again. Me and dear Daniel went for an excursion to Mesra Mall ( Tho there's not a right place for me to do my shopping spree ) First and foremost, we had some chills at Starbucks. Chocolate roll, carrot muffin, chocolate biscotti and a tall creamy caramel were the meal that finally tantalized my taste buds since I've lost appetite before that. How could I wish I manage to eat'em again tomorrow. But what to expect in Kuala Terengganu huh? :( Eh eh eh, I saw something !!! The thing that am so obsess with !! Guess what ? Doodlejump doll it is !! Without think twice, I bought one !! Only costs me Rm35. So cheap wey !!! Well, considering of both of us are movie freaks, we went to get some movie tickets. Yay !! Initially, we wanted to watch the movie of "Thor" but unfortunately the movie hasn't launch yet. Consequently, RIO 3D was our selection. The story narrates that a lost blue macaw ( Blu its name ) had been found and nurtured by a little girl named Linda. Years passed, Linda is no longer a little girl and she grown as pretty young lady. She's a bookshop owner too. One day, a vet approached Linda and told her that Blu is the last male ever in macaw species, and the vet ought to facilitate Blu to copulate with another female macaw ( Jewel ). However, Linda felt reluctant to let go of Blu. But for macaw sake, she needed to do so. I guess I'll set you guys a cliffhanger, watch it yourself ! :p The world is so small, I encountered with UCSIans again !! A bunch of Saudis were watching the same movie with me, moreover they were just sitting in my front roll. On the other hand, I spotted Amanda with her friends at Chamelon too! Ima big big girl, in a big big world ( in contrary indeed ) After movie, we went to The Body Shop. My intention was to buy some cosmetics. I bought a shade powder and a glittery eye liner. After done with cosmetic procurement, both of us were getting tired and hungry. Goodbye Mesra Mall. We went to CBWEE Restaurant for our dinner. The seafood out there was the food I craved the most !! Spicy lobster, buttery squid, hot plate Japanese bean curd, and fried rice. Slurrrp ~ I miss the delicacies am drooling now ! Gah, gluttonous Leyley will never stop thinking of food. After dinner, we headed back to Kuala Terengganu. I love the feeling sitting in the car and listening to some of my favorite musics. The feeling is just nice ! At around 9.10pm, we reached our destination. We went to The2Cafe for some drinks first before get going back. And that's the reason why am so bloated right now, I literally ate a lot, drank a lot today. Oh yea, I tried the shade powder and the result was awesome ! You know, I do have bulge and high cheekbones. After I shaded my cheek, the contours of my face became 3D and I love the effect !! P/s: Shade powder is an essential gadget in your makeup box. Since eyes are the doorway of our soul, I always love to embellish my eyes. I applied the glittery eye liner on my eyelids and waterlines. They are so shimmering every time I blink my eyes. Gotta blink more ( not flirt ) :p Okay peeps, I guess it's time to stop here. Update you guys asap :)


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