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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My bare skin revealed

Make up doesn't imply that you are conceal your real visage, but to enhance your features. Why some girls have prejudice against make up ? Come on, do you think you are flawless ? Unless you went for cosmetic surgical or you have got perfect features like a model ( without make up ) Am gonna show you my nude skin without make up. Don't be astounded, I might frightened you up with my hideous skin. Who says girls with make up are hypocrites ? I tell you, you might offended loadsa girls and you literally drag yourself to hell. Don't judge people by your own opinion, every people have their rights to do whatever they want. It's never be your turn to condemn and criticize them. Okay, ugly truth unfold ... Am without my contact lenses, that's why my eyes looked so odd here. P/s: Neither Photoshop nor image editors for the pictures, it's completely genuine. Stay tuned :)


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