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Friday, October 21, 2011

TGIF, thank god it's Friday !

My Fridays are ecstatic. Basically I'll compose some plans to fulfill my Fridays since I've been through so many hectic weekdays. Conducted classes at preschool, sorted out portfolios, and strived for final exams literally diluted me up. But somehow they seemed worthwhile, my lecturers appreciated our very great exertion. And thanks again to my babe Micky, my best companion! Together we made then through! *hugsmooch* Well today me, my dear Daniel and my super goddess Yau went for an excursion again. Tanjung Jara Resort, massive awesomeness!!! We were impressed by the very fresh tropical breeze and superb marvelous landscape. It was the first time we went through the whole tour tho. Previous visitations took place at the main lobby, restaurant and poolside. But this time, we managed to eyewash ourselves by exploring the whole area. We are young and energetic still, no big deal for us to patronize all the hidden parts of Tanjung Jara. One word to indicate the landscape - amazing! We dropped by Nelayan restaurant to have a lavish dinner. The food was absolutely awesome! Who cares for the price? No one I tell you! Everything were so fine and the food will tantalize your taste buds. You just can't stop eating I tell you! A simple beef burger and one course of chicken tortilla and 3 fruit juices spent us 150 bucks! Okay, I shall stop the food part, my stomach is grumpy now and I guess it missed the food! Yau can't stop taking photos of the scenery, he literally impressed by the mother nature theme. Only photos can illustrate how remarkable the trip was. Here I indicate some. Okay, it's time to bid a ciaoz. Stay tune peeps.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fujifilm Instax mini 7s

Since 'word press' is kinda knotty, I synchronized my e-blogger into my personal website. is my brand new channel !!! It's free tho, million gratitudes to my genius brother. He assisted me to create my very own website. FYI, I bought an Instax mini 7s and it's kinda favorable for someone who likes to capture photos like me !!! I can develop the photos instantly without going to a studio. It's convenient right ? Anyway thanks to my babe Lycia for her enticement or else I won't be able to have such a wonderful gadget. My babe helped me with the procurement tho. Million thanks again :) Hereby I indicate some polaroid photos those taken by my Instax. Stay tuned peeps :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beauty in the world :)

I purposely interlude this song due to the previous post.
Enjoy :)

For the beauties in the world ♥

I believe that every girl does concern about their hair, and we would like to change different coiffures frequently too right ? Well, it's quite costly if we go for hairdo often. Perhaps we can use some hair ornaments to beautify our hair, seeing that the hair ornaments are way cheaper than stylish hairdos. FYI, me and my girls are having a small business. we are selling some girl accessories and hair ornaments. Am gonna attach the photos for your reference. Of course I know, starting a small business sometimes can be venturesome, since we don't know if we can attain our expected profit. But, we are doing the business in conjunction with having fun - dolled up, photo shooting, promoting the goods, and the progression was full of laughter and joy. Frolicsome indeed !!! Sounds great huh? Uhmmm, this is my first time to advertise via a blog post. Am not sure whether it works, but we tried our best. Tho the business is small, but I literally hope that you guys can be supportive. Gratitudes !!!

Item: Moco-moco ( MYR 6 big, MYR 5 small )

Usage: It's so fluffy and colorful !!! Why don't embellish your cute bun/pony tail with such a cute thing ? The hair tubes look like colorful mashmallows, and they are so luscious don't they ?

Item: My beauty scheming facial mask ( MYR 5 each )

Usage: Pamper your skin with the moisture yet not dripping mask. It can be applicable on oily, sensitive, and dry skin. Thumbs up !!! Pretty girls rock huh ? :D

Item: Multi usage head band ( MYR 15 )

Usage: Fond of gigantic ribbon ? Or something fluffy and pink ? Here you go. This is a multi usage head band. It can be used to tie your pony tail, as a thick head band, or you may use it as a shower cap in case not to damp your fringe when taking a shower.

Item: Spongebob ( MYR 8 )

Usage: Want to create a hair bun but seems like it's hard to make it ? No worries, this so-called spongebob thingie helps ! The illustrated tutorial indicates the steps to create a cute hair bun.

Item: Bling leaf head band ( MYR 15 )

Usage: A hottie wannabe ? How to deal with this summer ? Garmented yourself with casual bare-back, and put on this bling bling head band will definitely makes you a cute hottie !!!

Item: Feather head band ( MYR 18 )

Usage: Wanna create an angelic look but seems like you are in a rush ? Couldn't manage to get a hairdresser simultaneously ? Here you go, the angelic head band could help !!! Just simply put it on and the entire hair look will looked different !!! Awesomeness right ? :)

Item: Bunny ears ( MYR 15 )

Usage: Well this is a multipurpose stuff. Since it has got wire inside, it can be twisted and curved in any forms you want. It can be used as a headband, little scarf, and anything you could imagine. Sounds fun right ? Hesitate no more, grab one !!!

Item: Little pocket ( MYR 8 )

Usage: Feeling awkward when grasping a not-so-good-looking sanitary pad and walk into the female lavatory ? Feel cringy when somebody accidentally opened your handbag ? No worries if you are using this little pocket. An intimate that truly comprehend you and keep you away from embarrassing occurrence !!!

Item: Elegant bracelet ( MYR 12 )

Usage: Suitable for formal occasions like proms and dinners. It is elastically and applicable for every girl. Size doesn't matter :)

Do Leyley a favor. - Sharing is caring, do spread the pinky news to the girls around you, million gratitudes !!!

P/s: Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested with any items.

Loadsa loves,


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Am talk of the town ? :P

Shirley the orang utan begs for cigarettes but rejects certain brands

Hi peeps, I know this sounds ridiculous.
An orang utan puffing cigarettes and she is quite picky with the ciggie brands !!!
She is fond of certain brands like Dunhill Red, Dunhill Menthol Boost or Marlboro Ice Blast ... Maybe ? :p
There's ciggie butts scattered around her cage and she's a chain smoker huh ? ( Perhaps she should be kept in a designated smoking area, for other animals' health sake )
The most profound point ever I found in this article is the orang utan named Shirley !!!

p/s: Am not orang utan okay ?


Friday, April 29, 2011

Fruitful Friday :)

My procurements of the day :)

Try to guess what is this, a mysterious prize will be given ;p

Final stop - Starbucks

Sweet nail polishes for my sweet babies :)

Movie time ( Thor )

Strawberry smoothies

Baskin Robbin ice-cream cakes. Am drooling again .. Slurrrrp :p~

My injured foot, plasters everywhere. That's why I hate ballerinas :(

Twin brothers, I dunno the owner of NCA tho :p

Camwhoring, again !!! With my drowsy face :/

Thanks for everything my dear <3

Chess, anyone ?

My dear Daniel with his favorite pose

Leyley is walking down the aisle

Awana Kijal

Sunrise signifies an arrival of brand new day

Breaking dawn

The breakfast :)

Have your weekends fully occupied, otherwise they will be wasted since life is only once. Am kinda extrovert girl and nothing could allow me to stick in the home especially for the weekend. Me and my dear Daniel went Kuantan yesterday in order to fulfill our weekend and the day trip was intriguing. Around 5 in the early morning, dear Daniel came to me. Both of us went to McDonald for our breakfast. Fillet-O-Fish was so juicy, and I can feel the fresh fish fillet melting in my mouth, yummy, whereas dear Daniel was having his hot cakes. ( 2 pieces of hot cakes unable to keep his stomach gorged ) We proceed our journey right after we left McD. There was a drizzle in the early morning and we were afraid if it will be a downpour that may hinder our journey. With so much anticipations, thank god the rain finally stopped, and there goes a breaking dawn. Hence, we were able to glance for the sunrise. The peach and yellowish ( no idea for the color indicative ) sun popped up from the horizon, waves hit slowly upon the shore, coconut and palm trees swaying just like they are accosting each other, birds chirping like they are chanting for the mother nature. Aww.. I miss the beach and am sure I will go back again !!! On the halfway, we dropped by Awana Kijal to have some refreshments. The landscape and architecture of Awana are appealing thus loadsa tourists went there for vacation, credits to belated Mr.Lim Goh Thong. We proceed our journey subsequently. God damn there was a traffic congestion again, I literally hate that urghhh !!! After a butt pain and giddy torment , we arrived Kuantan and East Coast Mall was our first station to check in ( too much foursquare, am I ? ) Baskin Robbin - Our luscious ice-cream cake treat. We were so indulged in the sweet treats, I know it's fattening tho. Who cares ? Paint your life ! Omg, I saw MLTR posters and flyers attached on the lamp poles. Too bad we were too late, we even didn't manage to get the concert tickets tho. I MISSED IT !!! What to do ? I anticipate for their next concert then - tend to comfort myself in this way. Forget the concert. We went to GSC concession counter to get tickets. Thor in 3D - our foremost choice. The movie started on 2.30pm, while we still managed to do our shopping spree in the mall. We went Padini to grab some garments, it's up to 50% sales ! I bought 2 formal blouse, a miniskirt, tank top, and a tee. Actually my main purpose was to get one Roxy bikini and eventually I got one - Stock Twist Bandeau. Damn am so fond of my new bikini, can't wait to put it on in this summer time !!! Did some shopping sprees in Parkson, shopped for some girls accessories for me and my babies and it's time for Thor. Thor is incredibly awesome !!! If you are fond of epic tales, watch it and you won't be regret of it. Am not going to narrate the story this time, since I want you guys to watch it !!! :D After movie, chilled ourselves with chocolaty chip frappuccino. Life is gratifying with delectable drinks - so true !!! It's around 5 and it's time to go home. Aww, how reluctant to leave ECM ( East Coast Mall ) we were. Nevertheless, the day was simply awesome and the time and money we spent were contented. Even my muscle joints are cramped now but I think it's worth enough. Okay, am going to dine with my dear Daniel, off to get myself showered ... Stay tuned :)