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Friday, October 21, 2011

TGIF, thank god it's Friday !

My Fridays are ecstatic. Basically I'll compose some plans to fulfill my Fridays since I've been through so many hectic weekdays. Conducted classes at preschool, sorted out portfolios, and strived for final exams literally diluted me up. But somehow they seemed worthwhile, my lecturers appreciated our very great exertion. And thanks again to my babe Micky, my best companion! Together we made then through! *hugsmooch* Well today me, my dear Daniel and my super goddess Yau went for an excursion again. Tanjung Jara Resort, massive awesomeness!!! We were impressed by the very fresh tropical breeze and superb marvelous landscape. It was the first time we went through the whole tour tho. Previous visitations took place at the main lobby, restaurant and poolside. But this time, we managed to eyewash ourselves by exploring the whole area. We are young and energetic still, no big deal for us to patronize all the hidden parts of Tanjung Jara. One word to indicate the landscape - amazing! We dropped by Nelayan restaurant to have a lavish dinner. The food was absolutely awesome! Who cares for the price? No one I tell you! Everything were so fine and the food will tantalize your taste buds. You just can't stop eating I tell you! A simple beef burger and one course of chicken tortilla and 3 fruit juices spent us 150 bucks! Okay, I shall stop the food part, my stomach is grumpy now and I guess it missed the food! Yau can't stop taking photos of the scenery, he literally impressed by the mother nature theme. Only photos can illustrate how remarkable the trip was. Here I indicate some. Okay, it's time to bid a ciaoz. Stay tune peeps.

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