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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Girls dayout

Good girls have piles of diaries while bad girls never have time to have one. This is so real, so Ima good girl huh? I love to preserve my memories thus I can reminisce them in my old ages. Initially, me and my girls planned to have a make up session for today but we ended up with spending our time for having trunch and dinner together. Why ? My mom was throwing a cocktail party with her friends today. Aww, I helped my mom to bake the egg-tarts in the morning, it was so easy and I've mastered the skill ! Took shower and dolled myself up, went to The2Cafe to meet my babe. Both of the pinkies each had a cup of drink, gabbled for couple of hours. Subsequently, we went to Batu Buruk Beach Resort to have another tea-talk session.. It's true, I can't deny that girls have tons of topics and gossips to share with. There comes our Japanese doll, Micky she is. 3 of the pinkies went to Chinatown to have dinner since all of us were crave for koloyok ( Pork cubes with tomato sauce ) We were so famished just like we had been starved for 3 days !!! The menu: Koloyok, sizzling pot bean curds, yaomak ( the crunchy vege ) and laohuanggua soup. Yummy !!! But, we couldn't manage to finish all of the delicacies since we were bloated !!! There were many leftovers tho. Burrrrrrp ~ It's time to have a walk to digest the food. We went for a walk at the Pulau Warisan. I told my girls that my grandparents would like to pace on the streets and what a coincidence !! We encountered with my grandparents !! Chinese proverb indicates: don't utter a person's name in the morning and don't mention about ghosts at night. ( Of cause la, my grandparents ain't ghosts !! I love'em !! ) But it's not so necessary to talk about people at night too, right ? Anyway, I love today, and I shall never forget the vows that made by me and my babe Lycia. Pinky swear does it all :)


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