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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A brand new substitution

Hello peeps out there, am no longer on the Sanrio blog. It's typical Leyley again - the muddle worm who always didn't remember her password. But I'll figure out the password asap since am so obsessed with the HelloKitty blog !!! Someone told me my blog was condensed. See !!! How slothful I am right ? But what to do, am typical passive blogger, am only used to blog when I have got the sudden impulse. Today, am gonna tell you guys that I made a pinky vow with my babe, we tend to kick the bad habit off thus attain a healthy life.. Pinky swear, that's compulsory for pinkies on earth. What's so important ? There's a secret between me and her :) Bye-bye bubu, Hello to the brand new healthy pinkies :)


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